15 cool facts that you might not know about Colombia

Colombia is by far one of my favourite vacation destinations in Latin America. I visited Colombia several times and there are so many places on my bucket list, that I will need more then one life, to see it all! That Colombia has a spectacular nature and heartwarming people is generally known, but there are some facts, that you might not know.

That’s why I’m sharing some fun facts with you about surprising Colombia!

1) For years already, Colombians belong to the happiest people in the world

2) Colombia is the country with the most bird species in the world (1826) and the second largest bio-diversity in the world

3) The city of Cali is called the Salsa capital of the world

4) In Cartagena you can be spoiled with a delicious meal in the restaurant of the women’s prison

5) The staff of the Colombian restaurant chain “Crepes & Waffles consists completely of single women, who are in charge of supporting their families

6) Colombia has no less than 18 official holidays a year

7) Colombia exports an average of 11.5 million bags of coffee. Only Vietnam and Brazil export more coffee 

8) Bogotá is a bicycle friendly city, with around 500 km of cycle paths and the weekly car free Sunday 

9) Carnival in Barranquilla is the second largest carnival in the world, after Rio de Janeiro’s carnival 

10) Colombia is the only country in South America that borders to the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean 

11) With a height of 13.000 meters, the Sierra Nevada in St. Martha, is the highest coastal mountain range in the world

12) Colombia’s most famous soccer player ever, was almost as famous because of his blond hair than his soccer talent. Therefore, Carlos Valderrama’s nickname was” El Ángel Rubio” (“The Blond Angel”)

13) In Bogota, Graffiti is completely respected as a street art. It is stimulated and sponsored by the government 

14) Colombians are very patriotic. It is determined by law, to play the national anthem on radio and TV, every morning at 6.00AM and every afternoon at 6.00PM

15) Where in lots of countries, elderly people are not always respected, in Colombia, the voice of elderly people gets stronger while they age. The older the person is, the more his voice counts. 

This is why I love Colombia!

Happy travel greetings,

Elisabeth J.


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