Colombia is by far one of my favourite vacation destinations in Latin America. I visited Colombia several times and there are so many places on my bucket list, that I will need more then one life, to see it all! That Colombia has a spectacular nature and heartwarming people is generally known, but there are

April Tulip month Thinking of the best time of the year to travel to my home country, there is one month that immediately comes to mind: April, tulip month! The most beautiful time to visit the Netherlands, is when the world famous Keukenhof opens its doors and more than 7 million tulip bulbs are spread

March is St. Patrick’s day month and where better to celebrate than in Chicago, where not only the drinks color green, but monuments, streets and even rivers turn green! Every year, there is an outburst of activities in Chicago on St. Patrick’s day, the day to celebrate Irish culture and to honour Saint Patrick, the

When I talk to friends about Carnival, they immediately bring up Rio de Janeiro. While Rio’s Carnival is famous throughout the world, most friends have never heard of Barranquilla, host of the second Carnival of the world and declared a Colombian National Culture Heritage. Well… that is until I tell them that Barranquilla is the birthplace

If you love traveling like I do, planning a city trip is one of the most inspiring things to do at the beginning of the year. With so many new hotspots, there is one city that is on my list every year: London! The mix of modern and historic surprises every time, with the first

The beginning of the year, is the perfect moment to plan your first city trip of 2019. There are so many exciting hotspots that are just waiting to be discovered this year: Rio de Janeiro, Copenhagen, Mexico City or Seattle…. Wherever your travels bring you, the main chunk of your budget, will be spent on

Are you celebrating Christmas in London? You made a perfect choice! London is a great choice for a city trip all year round, but December and London fit together like a match made in heaven. The Christmas vibe gives London extra color, as the streets come alive with sparkling Christmas lights, huge Christmas trees, ice

A Christmas destination that is still largely undiscovered, is Bogota, a city that holds a special place in my heart. When I visited Bogota at the beginning of the Christmas season, I enjoyed the Christmas lights and decorations in the city and the shopping malls. Especially the parks were beautifully decorated, with flowers and animal

On the first chilly day of the season, I already start to daydream about Christmas in my favorite city, New York, the “Christmas capital of the world”… holiday lights, Christmas music, window shopping, roasted chestnuts and ice skating. To get even more in the festive mood, I watch tear jerking Christmas movies; a box of tissues

Top 5 things to do in Madrid, el corazón de España. So, you have decided to visit Spain and specifically its capital city: Madrid! Now what will you do? We, at Traviatours, have compiled a top 5 list of things you HAVE to see when you visit Madrid. Whether you are there for a weekend,