The True Christmas Spirit in Colombia

A Christmas destination that is still largely undiscovered, is Bogota, a city that holds a special place in my heart.

When I visited Bogota at the beginning of the Christmas season, I enjoyed the Christmas lights and decorations in the city and the shopping malls. Especially the parks were beautifully decorated, with flowers and animal figures, creating a mystical atmosphere.

But, what I remember most from the trip, is not the christmas lights that lit up the city, but the encounters with the locals that warmed my heart. Those encounters were all about the true Christmas spirit for me.

A lady doctor who i met one day, gave me a ride, because it was late and it was hard to get a taxi. She got in the car to give me a ride to my apartment on the other side of town. Instead of taking the fastest route to the apartment, she took a detour. The detour turned out to be a sightseeing tour of the parks with the prettiest christmas lights! She treated me as her personal guest and even gave me an insight in the christmas traditions of her family. That day, the doctor became a passionate tour guide of her Bogota.

Rosa, an elderly lady, approached me while i was having a cup of coffee in a small shop. She was surprised to see a tourist in her part of town. We chatted for a bit and she offered to help out, if i ever needed help while being in Colombia. Before she left, she wrote her name and phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to me with a smile. Just in case…she said.


Another highlight was the service with a -huge- smile in the restaurants. Not just during dinner, but after dinner too! One evening I had a nice dinner, but the rain kept pouring down. I had to get back to my apartment, but when the taxi came to pick me up, it was still raining very hard. The bartender came with an umbrella and escorted me until I was inside the taxi, while he got completely soaked himself!

I meet friendly people everywhere I travel, but i was most impressed by the hospitality and warmth I experienced during my trip to Bogota.

Didn’t make any plans for Christmas yet? What about booking a last minute flight to Bogota to enjoy the Christmas ambiente “off the beaten track”?

Tip: take a cable car to Cerro Montserrate for an incredible view of the cities thousands of lights. While you’re there, have dinner at Restaurante Casa San Isidro for the best views, and delicious food.

Looking for a guided tour of Cerro Montserrate and Bogota’s highlights? Check out this tour: The Best of Bogota & Montserrate

By the way…it’s true what they say….the only danger of visiting Colombia is not wanting to leave -:)

Travel greetings,

Elisabeth J. ♥

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