Top 10 Tips to save Money on Flight Tickets

The beginning of the year, is the perfect moment to plan your first city trip of 2019. There are so many exciting hotspots that are just waiting to be discovered this year: Rio de Janeiro, Copenhagen, Mexico City or Seattle…. Wherever your travels bring you, the main chunk of your budget, will be spent on flight tickets.

I’ve spent many days (and long nights!) on the internet myself, searching for the best price for my flights and I noticed some remarkable price differences.

During these internet sessions, I learned some tips and tricks, that might come in handy, when you ‘re planning your trip and want to save some bucks on your flight. 

Here we go:

  1. Remove the cookies of your browser! Search engines use cookies to save your search history. As you’ve shown interest in the flight already, websites can make the same ticket more expensive when you visit the site the next time, even on the next day already. Want to be sure of the price, then check the price on another device too.
  2. Flights with a layover are often cheaper than a direct flight.
  3. Wednesday is generally the cheapest day to book a flight and the weekend the most expensive.
  4. Saturdays and Sundays are generally the most expensive days to fly & Tuesdays to Thursdays the cheapest (exception: destinations that are popular with business travellers). Flying very early or very late on the day are usually the cheapest flight options. 
  5. If the price looks really high on a certain date, there might be an event or holiday around the date you want to travel. If you are flexible and can change the date with one day, this can already result in big savings.
  6. When you visit more then one city, it is often cheaper to use the “multiple city” search tool and plan the whole itinerary at once, instead of booking single/return tickets separately. 
  7. Flying to smaller regional airports, can be a lot cheaper than flying to the large, international airports. Regional airports have lower taxes and parking fees (and shorter waiting times!). Keep in mind though, that regional airports tend to be quite far from the city, resulting in higher taxi fees from the airport. Girona Airport in Barcelona for example, lies 103 km from the city center.
  8. Verify what is included in your ticket: Is luggage included or do you have to pay this separately? Are food and drinks included? Are there other hidden costs such as a booking fee, service tax or surcharge for paying with a credit card? These costs are sometimes shown only if you (pretend to) buy the ticket. If you add these costs up, the ticket might not seem so attractive after all.
  9. Use your award points to pay for tickets. Alternatively, you can upgrade to 1st class for free and be pampered!
  10. Subscribe to newsletters from your favourite airline company and be the first to hear about special deals. A lot of airlines have promotions in the exact same month every year, so with a bit of patience, you can book that very special deal!

And…last but not least: don’t freak out by these messages: “just 2 seats left at this price”, “secure the best price for your ticket now” etc….These marketing strategies are meant to make you nervous (they succeeded with me quite some times -:)) After they got me nervous once more, i decided to risk it and wait a few weeks…the outcome: the 2 seats remained and i could still buy the ticket for the same price. I’m not saying this will happen with every search, but just don’t rush, just because they want you to!

Flight facts:

  • India is the cheapest country in the world in which to fly. Flight tickets cost $10.36 per 100km.
  • Finland is the most expensive country in the world in which to fly. Here you pay $138.90 per 100km.
  • And….If you ever win the lottery and want to book the most decadent flight ticket on earth, you can always book the flight between New York and Mumbai with Etihad airways. A round-trip ticket costs $76,000 in a private luxurious 3-room suite (The Residence), with butler and onboard chef!

Enjoy the planning of your next city trip! 

Travel greetings,

Elisabeth J.


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