Experiential Coffee Tour at Hacienda Combia

This is the best EXPERIENTIAL and INTERACTIVE tour in the middle of fresh nature, adorned by the Coffee Cultural Landscape. In this tour, you can enjoy the traditions of Colombia’s land of coffee. All your senses will discover the magnificent landscape, the unforgettable aroma of the earth, the taste of coffee and the power of the all elements of nature.

The tour offers a 3-hour interactive program divided into several stages. 



  • 10 Stations in which you will be inspired by different guides and learn all the ins and outs of the Coffee Belt Region and its main character: Coffee.
  • This tour is perfect for team-building experiences, excursions for small and large groups, family reunions or simply individuals who want an intimate experience out of the ordinary. 
  • The tour is located in Calarcá, Quindio and is highly recommended for all travelers passionate about culture, nature and, of course, coffee!
  • Digital tickets will be accepted
  • Available from Mondays to Sundays 
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Time: Tours start at 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
Multilingual guide (EN/ES)

Small basket elaborated by yourself with help and explanation of the craftsman.

Earth and Coffee Token

Edible flower


Water Token

Air Token

Fire Token

Coffee mug

Coffee Tasting

Admission to other Haciendas

Food and drinks

Hotel pick-up

  • Show your ticket and ID at the reception of the Haciencia. 
  • Hacienda Combia is located in Calarcá, Quindío; Km 4, vereda La Bella vía al Valle. (More instructions in your confirmation mail)
  • Please, be at the front desk at least 30 minutes before the tour begins
  • Cancellation: Up to 5 days in advance


Station 1

 Welcome: Introduction to the tour and route description. You will receive a wooden key made of Cordia alliodora in which you will hang the tokens that you will collect along the route. In this station, you will learn how to distinguish up to 36 scents in a cup of coffee!. 

Station 2

 Basketry and Traditions: An experienced artisan will explain and detail everything concerning the extraction of bamboo fibers, as well as the making of a traditional coffee basket using these fibers. Make your own basket!

Station 3

 Earth and origins: The group will be led by an INSPIRATOR. Walk through a natural tunnel, observes all the composition of the soil and the coffee roots. The guide will explain you the importance of this soil in the whole coffee process. At the end of this station, look for the token that symbolizes the element of nature “EARTH.”

Station 4

 Colors and Textures: An INSPIRATOR will guide you and help you observe nature and landscapes in different nuances and colors. You will receive a magnifying glass to see in greater detail all the splendor of the flowers around the station, choose a color and receive an edible flower of this color. You will use all your senses (sight, touch, taste and smell) to have a wonderful sensory experience.  

Station 5

  Water, spring of life: An INSPIRATOR will guide you to enjoy an environment surrounded by water. You will go barefoot to the circles with water. Find the token that symbolizes the element of nature WATER. 

Station 6

 Flora and Fauna: An INSPIRATOR will lead you to a tunnel of foliage and flowers in order to have their first contact with the flora and the animals in charge of the pollination process, which gives the coffee those 36 aromas and flavors that make it a delicious drink. In a special earth dome, participants can lie down in order to have a moment of relaxation, to find the token of flora and fauna, which in turn symbolizes the element of AIR.  

Station 7

 Sun and Shadow: In this area, an INSPIRATOR will guide you to a nest of birds, which is called “oriole”. This nest is made of tree branches on a human scale in the route. The guide will make emphasis on the importance of coffee plantations in the open field as well as the need of shade trees depending on the situation and the variety of coffee. Here, you will find the token of sun and shadow, which represents the element of FIRE.  

Station 8

  “Coffee Mill”: In this station, participants will be able to observe, understand and interact with the process of wet coffee while understanding the importance of coffee in the coffee cultural landscape..  

Station 9

 Pottery: Be an artist and paint your own sculpture in order to reflect what was most significant along the route.   

Station 10

  Coffee Flavor: See an unconventional way to prepare coffee while enjoying a beautiful view of the valleys, the mountains and the coffee plantations in a living room. Then, taste the best coffee of Colombia.  Return to the welcome station through the coffee plantations of the hacienda.   


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